Cajun Food

How Cajun Blast Can Help you Cook the Best Cajun Food in Your Neighborhood:

– Are you the neighborhood grilling expert? If so, your home is probably the central hub for neighbors during grilling season. Having guests over to eat and enjoy backyard activities can be one of the most pleasurable parts of owning a home. Finding one type of food that is sure to please all of your guests is not an easy task. If you’re searching for a simple product that is anything but ordinary, we invite you to take a closer look at Cajun Blast’s seasonings, basting sauces and bar-b-q sauces for the grill. Your guests will love the taste of chicken, steak, hamburgers, fish, vegetables, and anything else you decide to throw on the grill. Cajun seasonings can even be used on pastas and salads.

– It’s cheap and easy to keep a variety of Cajun Blast seasonings on hand, and they’re versatile, so you can use them on just about anything. If you like the ease of sprinkling seasoning on your food, opt for one of Cajun Blast’s seasoning shakers, such as Creole Seasoning, Seasoned Rub, Steak Seasoning, or Garlic Pepper Seasoning. Nothing could be simpler to use, and the shakers come in two convenient sizes. Shake Cajun seasonings over your food right on the grill or prepare them ahead of time and allow the seasonings to work into the food for up to 30 minutes before cooking.

– Basting sauces make sensational Cajun food as well, and Cajun Blast is known far and wide for their unique tasting basting sauces that create fall-apart, mouth-watering grilled meats. Most basting sauces come in a jar and force you to go through the entire jar at one grilling session. If you’re still mopping your meats with a basting sauce, you’re going to love Cajun Blast’s basting sauces that come in a spray bottle so you can use just what you need without wasting half the sauce. One 10oz bottle will go a long way- use on chicken, pork, ribs, steak, hamburgers and even on vegetables, indoor or outdoor on the grill. Experience the unique, juicy and authentic flavor of the Bayou in your own home- choose from hot & spicy, special mild blend, garlic butter and lemon herb.

– For recipes, visit the website where you’ll find a great selection of tempting recipes you can use in your own home or create your own! Use Cajun Blast’s own original Bar-B-Q sauce on your meats and your family will never want to eat out again. Cajun Blast’s original sauce is available in 16oz, 32oz, and 128oz. Pick up a jar to keep on hand for when friends stop over, for a bar-b-q experience they won’t soon forget. Only the finest ingredients are used in producing Cajun Blast’s original sauce- and it’s never diluted with water, or made with shortcuts. Their sauces are cooked to absolute perfection, from their family to your home. Cajun Blast can ensure you make the perfect Cajun food each and every time.

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