Cajun Recipes

Top Cajun Recipes For making In Your Own Home:

– If you like the authentic flavor of Louisiana Bayou food that’s grilled out or cooked in your home, we invite you to see why Cajun Blast seasonings and sauces are  known in the region as some of the best-tasting additions to the family meal. There are numerous options in the store for grilling out, but none that compare with the taste of Cajun Blast. Check out a few of the following recipes for your next bar-b-q; your guests will absolutely love them!

– No bar-b-q is complete without a pasta salad on the side, and Cajun Blast’s seasonings are the perfect addition to your pasta dish. For a crowd-pleasing side pasta, cook one full pound of Rainbow Rottini or your favorite pasta; drain and cool, add 2 oz of sweet basil, 4 oz of freshly chopped parsley, fresh green onion tops with Cajun Blast seasoning on top (choose from Garlic Butter, Lemon Herb, or Creole Seasoning); add fresh parmesan and chopped garlic. Toss well and serve ice cold along side of your main dish.

– If you want to enjoy the unique flavors of Cajun cooking but prefer to cook indoors, try Cajun Ribs that can be cooked either outdoors on the grill or indoors in your oven; they’re easy to make and will satisfy your family or guests when they have a craving for Bar-B-Q. You’ll need 3 pounds of ribs for the recipe. Completely coat the ribs with Cajun Blast Seasoned Rub. Spray well with Garlic Butter Blast and wrap the ribs in foil, leaving no open spaces. Cook at 250F for 2 hours, then cut the foil and braze the ribs, spraying with Cajun Blast’s BBQ basting sauce. Remove from the heat and coat the ribs in Cajun Heritage BBQ sauce- serve while hot.

– You can find these and other Cajun recipes on the website, including their recipe for the best hamburgers your family has ever tasted. For about the same cost as taking your family out to a fast food burger shop, you can make mouth-watering burgers on the grill, and the quality will be so much better, you’ll never want to eat out again. Select quality hamburger meat that has a low percentage of fat. Form into patties and chill for two hours. While cooking on the grill or stovetop, spray the patties with Hot & Spicy BBQ Basting Sauce from Cajun Blast. In the meanwhile, heat 16oz of BBQ sauce in a separate sauce pan. When burgers have reached a safe internal temperature (160), submerge them in the sauce and place directly on a hamburger bun. Opt for a quality roll from your bakery to maximize on the experience.

– Check out more Cajun recipes from Cajun Blast or make your own! Cajun Blast’s seasonings, basting sauces and BBQ sauces are ideal for cooking a variety of foods, from fish to meats and even pasta salads.

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