Product Placement Agreement Pdf

Terms and conditions of acceptance. Unless otherwise stated in a written agreement signed by both parties, the buyer`s designation applies. BI Technologies Buyer Acceptance The supplier`s offer under this agreement is the only offer of products or services similar to those of the manufacturer`s products. 1. Make several copies. Give one to each party. As a general rule, these agreements remain in effect as long as they work for the parties. This evaluation list is provided to inform you of this document and to help you in your preparation. Product promotion and placement agreements are a wonderful opportunity for companies to increase their reach and turnover.

From a business point of view, you should think long and hard about implementing as many of these agreements as you are productive. Project options: 2 image and, as shown here, otherwise. No provision in this agreement should be construed as granting the company ownership, licensing or authorizations of any kind in relation to the commercial use of the product in relation to the image, including, but not only, under the image, any name, physical name or surname, and/or persons sharing the same ideas of persons providing services of any kind on the image, or other images, or images. 6. INDEMNIF: the company undertakes to free the producer and its subsidiaries, related companies, rights holders, divestitures and licensees, as well as rights holders, the beneficiaries of the transfer, the licensees, the representatives, the executives, the owners, the contracting entities, the employees and shareholders, losses, claims, damages, damages, shares or causes of action (including, but not limited, reasonable legal fees) arising from or related to a violation of the insurance, guarantees and/or agreements of the company contained in this party. 7. CREATIVE CONTROL: Notwithstanding the opposite, the company recognizes that the producer retains artistic and creative control in relation to the image and may, for subjective reasons, decide to rotate or modify the image so that the product and/or brand does not appear or appear easily recognizable in the United States.