Responsible Managing Officer (Rmo) Agreement

A responsible executive officer (“RMO”) under California law is a person who is a member of the applicant`s good faith staff for the license of a contractor and who is actively involved in the classification of the work for which that responsible executive officer is the qualified person on behalf of the applicant. California Business – Professions Code No. 7068 (c). The RMO or RME of a licensed construction company is responsible for all activities and violations committed by the company. The law requires that the RMO or RME of a construction company exercise direct control and control over their contracting procedures. If the licensee does not do so, or if any of the other sales, complementary or co-workers violates the law, the RMO or RME may lose their licence and any other license on which the person serves as a “qualifier” under Section 7068.1 of the Business and Professions Code. In addition, in accordance with Section 7122.5 of the Business Code and professional Code, any act or omission that results in disciplinary action by a partnership, company or company is also grounds for disciplinary action against RMO or RME, regardless of its knowledge and participation. These delays include not only the processing time of the room, but also the time for which the applicant is responsible: for example. B the restitution of a rejected application, the omission and/or lack of review, the necessary obligations and the tax. No. 827 (a) (6) (C) and 827 (b) (5) (C).

A company may qualify for a contractor`s licence through an examination if a qualified person presents himself as a responsible officer or director. A qualified person is not screened if, within five years immediately prior to the licence application, the qualified person personally passed the written examination for the same qualification requested or served as a qualified person for a licensee whose licence was in good condition during the five-year period immediately preceding the application for the licence and in the same classification requested. Cal. Bus – Prof. Code 7065. In the construction sector, this is a relatively common phenomenon among investors or public bodies trying to engage in the construction sector by hiring an officer or employee to hold the licence. The person qualified on behalf of an individual or business under subdivision (a), b) or c) of .7068 is responsible for the construction of the licensee until the board of directors receives written notification of the separation.