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The first draft agreement on e-learning was launched in 2015-17, a second one has been launched until 2019 and a third project is underway. For more information, see www.learning-agreement.eu/start/. #türchen #adventskalender #fswiwiadventskalender #adventszeit #coronakonform #gutschein #fswiwi_passau #fswiwi the aim of the project is to enable students to prepare their learning agreements through an online system allowing them to contact the coordinators of the department and the hospitality and restaurant sector of universities in order to finalize, approve and sign the document online. This process therefore transposes a paper workflow, which depends on timely signature mailings, into an online system that allows students to save a lot of time in preparing for their studies abroad and increase flexibility and efficiency in revising the learning agreement. The online software will also allow higher education institutions to integrate learning agreement management processes to improve the efficiency of the licensing and management process, giving employees time to work on other activities in international relations or improve the quality of credit mobility. As part of the credit mobility organization, students and university staff must enter into trilateral learning agreements that form the basis for the recognition of university degrees obtained abroad. As the PRIME survey of the Erasmus student network 2010-2011 indicates, apprenticeship contracts are a cornerstone and at the same time constitute a major obstacle to the proper organisation of credit mobility. Indeed, the interlocutors are not clearly defined, the information necessary to implement the agreements is rarely available online and the possibility for students to change their training contract after their arrival in the host institutions is 75%. In the same survey, some national LLP agencies proposed to create an online tool for the preparation, approval and revision of learning agreements in an online environment, and this is what this project intends to do. #countdowntochristmas #fswiwiadventskalender #adventskalender #bescherung #vorweihnachtszeit #geschenke #fswiwi_passau #fswiwi 11 All the criteria of the faculty competition: cover letter, CV, which proves.

Language skills. FFA UNICERT Training Certificate Other language references (language skills are very important!) 5 Number of exchange places under a partnership contract. Each academic year Number of exchange places among (very few places in English, if necessary depending on the alternatives) Please note: Given the current situation of COVID-19, please note that all documents must be written before the transcript of the recordings in the ORIGINAL (no copies, no scans)! 21 Recognition of audit services WIWI/JURA Faculty of Economics Completion of a specific learning agreement with the relevant specialist delegate (if possible before departure) Law school as evidence of a demonstration of the rule of law in the deral language or a legal language course to participate in Level 2 of the FFA for lawyers as a priority area Foreign Law 17 Promotion / Erasmus Students may be exempted from correct studies on request for an important reason. 1 Studying Abroad Application procedure and funding opportunities on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 University Office and Student Mobility/International Barbara Zacharias 26 Important to know A student can currently only obtain once for ERASMUS studies (SMS: 12 months maximum) and once for an ERASMUS internship (SMP: 12 maximum); Months Information Month at the Career Service), whether with or without financial grant. In the future, a study stay abroad during bachelor`s and master`s studies may be encouraged, but only 12 months in total! 31 Funding Opportunities Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD): application for annual scholarships for students/graduates Benefits/Disadvantages: Tuition Grant Travel Package, Higher Scholarship Health Insurance Allowance (ca/month) (e.g.